Life’s a Beach

Guys, I love my life. I really do. I’m not sure why things happen that are so stressful sometimes, but at the end of the day, I’m happy with who I am and the way I’ve lived my life. It’s incredible.

That’s all! Goodbye!


The Apple Store

I think it’s been a month or two now since I got my battery switched on my phone. It’s made things go much faster on my phone, I’m really happy with it and I’ve had nothing but good results.

But today, for some reason, I started thinking about my experience at the Apple store. As I was sitting there, waiting to get my phone back, I watched an older couple being helped with their technology. It was a serious problem.

As the Apple employee, probably in his 20’s, was working to solve their problem, he was asking questions of their experience and mentioned that they may have to take the device for a few hours and possibly over night to make repairs. Obviously, with the building full of customers, and lines and waiting tables aplenty, that is understandable. The working class part of Apple is in high demand, and requires a good level of knowledge, skill and self application in order to make repairs and get through everyone who needs to be helped.

However, this older couple started ripping this man apart. They first spoke on how they lived hours away–they had trekked into the city for this single problem (seriously? You didn’t think fixing complex technology through one of the most used and most popular brands in the United States wouldn’t require a wait? Where have you been.) But they seemed to be pinning their problems surrounding the commute on this Apple employee, and while he was apologizing for their struggles, which he shouldn’t have to do, he also asked that they not personally attack him for it as he is simply trying to help them. The older gentleman then proceeded to make a comment about how “millennials don’t know how to take criticism or work anywhere”, or some generalized comment in that vein of thought. Of course, after hearing the berating that was being imparted on this young employee, I said something, and a younger couple with a younger child who also had commuted hours into the city for this backed me up. As soon as I pointed out the disregard for others with which they had been treating this employee, as well as the ridiculous comment by the older gentleman, the older woman told me not to talk to her. I told her too bad, and kept on telling her off in my kinda hesitant and scared to be mean but still angry at you and very serious way. At this point, the employee had told them he didn’t do well with a lot of pressure from others, had asked them to stop attacking him for trying to help multiple times, and had thanked me and the other couple when we stepped in.

Now, they walked away upset and probably won’t be changing their ways any time soon. That’s not the point of this. The point is, why do these generalizations exist? While some of them may be true for a large swath of people, and I very easily could have grouped that couple into some very negative stereotypes around their old and out of touch comments towards myself and more importantly towards that employee, I didn’t do it cuz that doesn’t matter. We go from human to human and everyone gets the chance to prove their worth and they always deserve our respect.

I’ve been really burnt out the last couple days from how busy and complicated life has been. But I take some serious comfort in the fact that the people I surround myself with aren’t terrible stereotypes but in fact actual individuals who kick some major ass. Love you guys.


Sorry I’ve been gone everyone. I kinda just write here whenever and I’ve been busy and stressed and everything. Today was a great day and last night was a great night (I went to an a cappella party! It was incredible!) but overall I’m definitely feeling the lack of motivation and worn down physical presence of myself.

I will be back stronger at the end of this week I imagine, but until then I may not be back here for a little while longer! Hold out, my millions of avid fans, I will return!

My new strategy

I’ve started getting up at 4 in the morning to do my procrastinated homework instead of staying up late. It makes classes WAY more awake, but makes me way more tired the rest of the day after class. BUT, I always get it done because of this pattern. Bless figuring out your best time to work.

Theoretically, I should’ve worked for a half hour or so each night for the last week, instead of watching comedy shows on Netflix (this has become my new past time, because I’ve been paying for Netflix for months and haven’t used it so now, I use it.) if I had worked in that pattern, I would’ve sat down almost finished with my work last night around 8 or 9, and instead of watching comedy shows and being on my phone, I would’ve been excited about finishing the speech outline I have to write and gotten it done.

But alas! That’s now what I did.

They say college students have the second worst sleeping patterns of any single group of people, behind only long haul truckers. Go us! We rock.

Do you ever wonder about the long term repercussions of things like sleeping patterns and diet and things like that? I feel like I’ve been distinctly aware of those things recently but only while doing things like this. And I don’t actually change my actions at all, I just think about how I should. Then I go on with my day (or go to sleep).

My first class got cancelled by the instructor, but it’s only an hour long class, so it’s really just allowed me to procrastinate on my phone more before sitting down to do my work. It’s 5, and I have three hours instead of two now before I need to get dressed and leave for class, unless morning classes get cancelled (oh man I hope that happens). My advisor who is also my first class’ instructor told us in the class cancel email that if they cancel it, it’ll happen early in the morning and happen in increments because they want to cancel as little as possible. I’m guessing my 9am psych class will get cancelled but I can’t be certain and therefore I have to prepare just in case. And if it gets cancelled, I haven’t decided if I’m going to get homework done or sleep…

I’m probably going to sleep, and do this whole waking up thing again on Wednesday morning!

It’s snowing!

I’ve been gone for a while from here everyone, but now I’m here to tell you what you already know; it’s snowing! I’m up on council crest and it’s absolutely beautiful. I strolled and it was cold but also very nice.

My life is on a massive upswing and this week has been INCREDIBLE. Life ROCKS. Mostly at least. Yesterday kinda sucked but I went to rehearsal for a few hours and I cannot wait for this show to happen in March. It’s rekindling my incredulous awe of theatre and what it can do, and even better, I can feel myself generating ideas and morphing things into possible pieces of this play which it’s not my job to do that but it feels good to be creative. Like… so good.

Yesterday during rehearsal I used reflection of gels on a shadow screen to make a breathing womb surrounding a misshapen human which is Richard the Third, who is super evil by nature and it felt so good to be a part of making that happen. Indescribably good. I love creating things.

Why don’t I go more places? And why am I not at a 4 year? These are the questions I ask myself

The drive up to Bellingham was actually incredible! Both the drive there and back were beautiful, and Bellingham itself was beautiful (it lived up to the hype that others gave it.) Driving also calms me down and reorients me in a very wonderful way, so it was therapeutic to just drive for 4 1/2 hours. I needed that.

Seeing Brynne and meeting her friends at WWU was also awesome! We went to a house show and traversed the city and got some SUPER good food. I wore one of her shirts and I got so many compliments on it, so that was a major ego boost as well because that shirt was cute but I wasn’t sure what people would say. It was positive though 😎

All of the great fun that happened this weekend made me think about how I’m not at a 4 year. I’m a little sad about it because it was so incredible and being able to just be a couple doors down from your homies all the time seems great as long as like you don’t have people stepping up in your personal space too much. But like, my tolerance for that stuff is high because I love people and people give me my energy, so I suppose that wouldn’t be a problem. Basically though, I sort of wish I was at a 4 year cuz that’d be awesome. But also, I love what I’m doing here cuz I’m kickin butt and takin names. And it’s fun and I love the people of Portland (usually) and I’ve found my groove doing this whole college and work and stuff all together.

I think the solution is, travel more to see my friends at universities so that I can get two birds with one stone. Because I want to go all over the country and explore it and then do the same with the world, and I suppose traveling to my friends around the country is a great way to start that!

And now… the MAX

And now, I’m on the max! But actually on the max as I type this time, not about to get on like with the bus.

I totally rocked my psych exam today, and I got through the stretch of the week that is actually difficult and now I’m relaxing and doing things I love all the way through Sunday! I’ve been needing this for a while now, recharge time is highly underrated. And after catching up in school the last week (mostly during the 8pm-8am range I’m sad to say), I can go home, play FIFA, sleep a lot, play guitar, and enjoy the fact that I have a terrific life.

I found myself being filled with this super powerful joy today that hasn’t happened in long enough that I noticed its absence. There have been moments of course, I live for moments throughout every day, but there hasn’t been a complete day like today has been in ages, one that is just filled with joy. And now, I’m going home to have dinner with my family and just hang out!

Hell yeah!

I forget sometimes to appreciate my life, but I’ve been real freakin lucky in a lot of ways, with the people around me and the opportunities I’ve received. I’ve worked hard and tried to be my best person but there’s always a little luck involved and I’m thankful for that. I’m ready to rock the world with my awesomeness and take on anyone who tries and stops me!

Woohoo for Bellingham, guitar, Olive Garden and fifa! And of course… the true homies, both family and not.